From childhood he has continuously worked in creative fields with the aim of being a writer, and while working full-time became editor of a private literary magazine and published a variety of works, including poems, children’s and short stories and science fiction, for which he has received three city culture awards.
Presently he is editor-in-chief and writer for Uchu Club. He has published a number of works, including short stories and children’s stories.

008 arch 2001 Healing, To Outer Space (Tama Publishers)
The following were published by Uchu Club
-Ucho no Nazo (Riddle of the Universe)
-Shaka no Shogai (The Life of Buddha)
-Byoki & Dobutsu 30 Monogatari (30 Stories about Illness & Animals)
-Rei-zone no Shinjitsu (The Truth of the Spirit Zone)
-Kessaku Short Stories (Masterpiece Short Stories)
-Chikyu Hokaimae (Before the Earth Collapses)

“White Bear Story,” his children’s tale published in 2008, has been made into an animated film by Hoshii Productions.
The theme of “White Bear Story” is the global environment and harmony between humans and nature. The story was performed as a play and in reading sessions in kindergartens in Aichi Prefecture.
It is hoped that Mr. Hoshii’s message will be conveyed by the animated film.

Animation: “THE POLAR BEAR STORY” (2013)
Author : Suisei Hoshii Production : Hoshii Production

  • September, 2014 : At 2014 Great Lakes International Film Festival (In Pennsylvania, U.S.)
    Best Animation
  • December, 2015 : Erie International Film Festival (Pennsylvania, U.S.)
    Best Animation
  • June, 2016 : Spring 2016 International Independent Film Awards
    Animation Department, Bronze prize
  • August, 2016 : 2016 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (California, U.S.)
    August contest, Best Animation
  • October, 2016 : TOP INDIE FILM AWARD (India)
    Best Animation of October
  • December, 2016 : 2016 Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival (Canada)
    Excellence Award
  • December, 2016 : BEST SHORTS COMPETITION (U.S.)
    Best Animation of November

“EDDY THE CIRCUS ELEPHANT – A Fairy Tale” (2016)
Author : Suisei Hoshii Production : Hoshii Production

  • 2016 Great Lakes International Film Festival (Pennsylvania, U.S.)
    Best Animation
  • Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (California, U.S.)
    Best Short Animation of October
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