As a man of Religion
He is the only person to have the perfect Jorei (cleansing of spirit) ability and cleanses the spirits of clients as the highest priest of the Atlantis Society.

“Jorei” is a word first used by Suisei, and it is something completely different from ”the so-called exorcism” that psychics mention.

A real Jorei is the holiest ritual that can cleanse and let the spirit rest completely in 1 time. At the present time, no one else in the world but Suisei can do this.

On Suisei’s website, “Super Jorei”, a column is posted everyday explaining the need and the wonder of Jorei.

Jorei can be applied for through the Internet and is done remotely from the Atlantis Society.

Having the natural ability of Jorei, most spiritual things can be dealt with perfectly.

In addition to Jorei, exorcism and purification of land (through ceremoniees) can be done perfectly as well.

On the website, gratitude from the people who have experienced Jorei and comments from Suisei are posted.

“Super Jorei” series, which summarizes the columns posted everyday, and “Super Jorei Experiences”, which mentions the real stories of people who have experienced Jorei, are published.

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