Having once running a gigong (energy healing) clinic, he often practices gigong therapy.
His healing draws out the life power and self-healing properties in the patient’s body and mind, thus promoting his treatment and recovery.


In addition to medical applications, he thought of using the appeal of the sensibility of flowers to convey the idea of “healing” in a more general, easy to understand way, which is what “Flower Healing Photography” endeavors to do.
Unlike conventional photography, Mr. Hoshii’s flower photographs bring out the full glory of flowers to express their vitality and power as he sends power to flowers while photographing.
His pictures are works that, just from looking at them, heal the viewer by relaxing the body and the mind.
Healing Flower Photography Exhibitions have been held throughout Japan, and have earned a favorable reputation in many regions.
A careful selection of these works has been compiled as “The Flower Healing Photography Collection.” And in order to make the idea of “healing flowers” even more relevant, he has produced a series of original merchandise, including coffee mugs and coasters, that feature photos of flowers he has taken.


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